Paul Ramos
Producer, CEO, Host- Paul can’t stop making music and doesn’t want too.  He has been an independent producer for over 30 years. He has lived the struggle first hand; first Read More
Board Member
Board Member True north – Nothing could be without her, Period CFO,; National Geographic; 20th Century International Channels
El Galante
Session Player
This man asked us to record a song for his late wife, Besame Mucho It was one of the most moving sessions I ever had. Besame Mucho
Todd Burke
Producer, Engineer
Sound better Producer, Engineer, Father, and true audiophile Hire him is you want REAL ears.
Dwayne Simon aka Muffla Original Gangsta in hip hop guided me in the studio for hours on hours on hours He is a force of true NY Hip Hop
Maui Mauser
The best studio dog in the world. He not feeling it, he leaves and I rethink LOL
4 or 5 Dopes
Band, Retired
When Hip/Hop needed Rock n Roll these guys were there, oh and a touch of Punk Cool Walt the most talented M fucka I have ever met. Bobby D – Read More
Jason Olsen, AKA Professor 99
Credits are massive. Beware, book him with plenty of time because but he will be late, LOL Nuttin but LOVE
Brian Horrace
He is the essence of song originality. Unwavering in his attempt to bring music that has depth. Respect
Litter Box Hollywood
Many BEAUTIFUL hours spent in this studio
Audrey Callahan
Session Player
A California native, Audrey Callahan grew up across the globe due to her military family. With an accomplished musician as a father, she fell in love with music and performing Read More
Session Player
Maurizio Antonini
Session Player
Maurizio Antonini was born in 1970 is an Italian drummer, composer, and arranger. His work as a drummer began at age 14.  Its activities are Drummer live and recording, Educator, demonstrator for Read More
Mariana Perez
Board Member
MARIANA PEREZ Development and Production VP The Walt Disney Company Latin America As Development and Production SVP, Mariana Perez is responsible for Entertainment and Factual production for FOX Networks Group Read More
Pablo Ramos Sr.
Chairman in Absentia
Mariachi, Played with Benny Goodman for one night in a small town in Northern California, He fought in the Mexican-Revolution and protected Zapata as his personal guard, owned a bar Read More